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Who We Are

BHX is a resource to help navigate the complexities of the behavioral healthcare industry by helping clients with the expert advice they need to succeed. We are a team of seasoned professionals deeply knowledgeable and focused on the field, with many connections, years of experience, business expertise, and care for the patient population. We proudly offer a full suite of tailored services to our clients, with the utmost confidentiality. 

The Behavioral Healthcare Opportunity

Access to behavioral health services is improving, however, demand is still outpacing supply. The sector is attracting attention and we understand more about the connection between improved behavioral health and overall health outcomes, how it factors in, and what an important part it plays in our well-being. The market is changing quickly, the opportunities are huge, and we are dialed in.

Are you an owner curious about what your business is worth, or what the market is currently doing and demanding?

Or are you just looking for some resources or advice on a specific topic or question?

Are you a provider looking to complement your service offerings, grow your footprint, or find opportunistic synergies to capitalize on and increase value? 

Let’s talk! 

M&A Reviews

Jacob is impressive. He knows the space and the players, communicates well, is able to identify and exploit synergies and translate those to profits, and is always eager to learn and to help others. I’m a big fan and love talking with him and working together whenever possible.

Rob G.

Mr. Lynch has real knowledge of the industry and has great connections. It would be very productive to work with him, if you are in market to buy or sell a behavioral health organization.

Kumar C.

I strongly recommend Jacob. He has high integrity, is transparent, troubleshoots well, and works quickly. I always take his calls with priority because he has not once wasted my time.

Taek K.

Jacob worked diligently through the process of listing and selling our business. He was both supportive and put up with a lot of questions and uncertain situations with us. He was GREAT to work with and I would recommend anyone selling or thinking about selling your business, to reach out. A GREAT asset!

Dr Alicia M.

Jacob is the best! We’ll definitely be using his services to sell our other company as well. He went through two grueling sales with us, and had our backs at every step of the process. He helped us strategize and prepare so we could get top dollar and be attractive as possible, then not only found us multiple attractive offers in line with our wishes and terms, but also helped us negotiate those more favorably and dealt the buyer and the diligence process. He was great and the buyer also felt much more comfortable with him involved. We are also very timely and diligent, and he kept up with our need for a timely deal, and made sure the buyer did as well so we could get a successful deal done as quickly as we liked for a very acceptable price and terms.

Robert H.

My partners and I used Jacob to facilitate the sale of our business. He was very helpful from the beginning through the end. Jacob guided us through finding potential buyers all the way through negotiations and final closing, which we heavily relied on. I would definitely recommend Jacob for anyone looking to sell their business. Our expectations were exceeded.

Jason B.

Jacob worked diligently through the process of listing and selling our business. He was both supportive and put up with a lot of questions and uncertain situations with us. He was GREAT to work with and I would recommend anyone selling or thinking about selling your business, to reach out. A GREAT asset!

Dr. Alicia M.

Jacob and BHX were amazing to work with, even through a chaotic time. We heard and met him at a conference years ago and knew we wanted him to sell our business for us, as we could see he was knowledgeable, easy to get along with, and knew the players in the market. We were right. Although the deal took a little longer than expected due to state legislative changes and a global pandemic, and we ended up having to go to market twice, we ended up in the best possible situation, sold to the company we wanted to which we had a great feeling about, for a price that exceeded our expectations due to a year full of challenges leading up to it. Jacob stayed on top of it from beginning to end and had our back. While it was a long and strenuous process that we will not have to do again, we most definitely are happy we hired Jacob and would recommend he and his team to anyone else in the space considering their next move! Thanks!

David & Melissa L.

It was indeed a pleasure working with Jacob on the sale of our Diagnostics business.  He was incredibly responsive and professional throughout the entire experience. The insight that he provided helped us navigate through the various complicated issues that arose between parties. I would highly recommend him and his team to other businesses looking to get a deal done. We look forward to working with him on future transactions!

Mark T.

Working with Jacob and his team was a first class experience. They helped us find an optimal partner which led to a successful transaction.  Jacob was always available and willing and able to assist in furthering the deal forward.  We reached our desired goal in a very timely manner.

Jared H., Esq.

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Why Should I Trust BHX to Help Me Plan for the Future of My Behavioral Health Business?

We are a prominent force in the behavioral healthcare industry. Our team has extensive experience in the field in a number of different roles and capacities, we understand your needs and concerns. We have a track record and testimonials to vouch for our expertise and success.

We have long-term relationships with the industry leaders, we know what aspects of a business companies need and want. We’re fun and easy to work with, and take the stress off your plate so you can focus on what you do best.

We want to see positive change occur in the industry for the sake of those patients in need.