BHX proudly offers a full suite of tailored services to our clients, with the utmost discernment and discretion, focused in clients’ needs.

Our core competency is merger and acquisition consulting & advising on lower middle market behavioral and mental health companies and deals, usually representing sellers. 

We also offer representation for buyers when it makes sense for all parties, or can source deal flow. 

We offer consulting services in the space as well, for the right parties. 

BHX can also provide certain operational services and tasks, such as billing and revenue cycle management, as well as recommend our trusted partners we work with for other services often requested, such as marketing, staffing, outcome and results tracking, contract rate negotiations with payers, accreditation consulting, and more. 

Lastly, BHX provides an MLS-like listing service where any seller can list their opportunity in an effort to have more eyes see it, eyes that are qualified and experienced in the space, those that go to BHXchange first to source their deal flow. This tool allows for better data in our industry, and therefore more efficiency. It increases transparency and uniformity as well, and supports us in delivering better insight and guidance to our clients and the industry.

Why We Exist

Consolidation in every industry is inevitable. It will happen. We’d like to facilitate it in the most ethical and efficient way possible. We also believe that as the behavioral health industry consolidates over time, it provides greater access to higher-quality care and services for patients, at a more affordable cost, with more predictable outcomes and results. The behavioral health field treats those in need and heals afflictions of some of the most overlooked and dangerous issues in some of the most vulnerable people. 

We aim to streamline the process and minimize the stress for sellers while maximizing value, mitigating risk for buyers and maximizing potential, and diminishing any inconvenience for patients. We also strive to do our part to break the poor and incorrect stigma that has accompanied behavioral and mental health treatment historically and make a significant positive impact. 

BHX also endeavors to provide a different experience and relationship than the typical investment bank, M&A advisory, or broker. Come experience the BHX difference!

Who We Serve

We are here for owners, operators, investors, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers of behavioral health companies. We have a wide range of behavioral health industry specializations, including but not limited to the following:

We’ve seen and worked with it all!

We’ve found in the past that we work best with clients that are realistic and objective, of quality character and integrity, and value advice. The companies best suited for our services are those that have a bit of history, have either plateaued and are seeking more growth, or are planning their next steps or succession plan and have a good reputation and quality. They may just need some advice in solving a specific problem or finding the right partner and solution.

Our Market Differentiators:


Make a significant and lasting impact on the behavioral health industry that drives change for better access to quality care and stronger, healthier communities.


Through our unparalleled breadth of capabilities and thought leadership, BHX strives to drive superior outcomes, guiding our clients to success and growth, exceeding their expectations.

Our About us
is More About You

Why Should I Trust BHX to Help Me Plan for the Future of My Behavioral Health Business?

Our team has extensive experience in the field in a number of different roles and capacities, we understand your needs and concerns.

We have a track record and testimonials to vouch for our expertise and success.